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Accommodations vs. Modifications




TEA Division of IDEA Coordination
Content Modifications vs. Instructional Accommodations


 Instructional Accommodation Instructional Modification




Changes how the content is

  • taught,
  • made accessible, and/or
  • assessed.
Accommodations DO NOT change what the student is expected to master.  The objectives of the course/activity remain intact.


Also changes how the content is

  • taught,
  • made accessible, and/or
  • assessed.

Modifications DO change what the student is expected to master. Course/activity objectives are modified to meet the needs of the learner.





  • One-on-one or small group instruction
  • Extended time on assignments and/or assessments
  • Braille or large print materials
  • Shortened assignments and/or assessments
  • Slant boards or study carrels
Oral administration of subject-area tasks that do not assess decoding/reading comprehension



  • Instruction that focuses on selected grade-level TEKS instead of all of the TEKS for the grade-level course
  • Changes in the scoring rubrics or grading scale
  • Reducing the complexity of the activity (e.g., only one step as opposed to multiple steps to solve a problem)
Cueing or prompting the student during a grade-level activity






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