ARD/IEP Planning Conference

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NOTE: An ARD/IEP Planning Conference is NOT a requirement of schools within the law. It is considered a “best practice” and is proven to benefit the productivity of ARD/IEP committees. Parents are encouraged to be creative and utilize their communication and relationship-building skills to make Planning Conferences happen for their committees


What happens?

  • Family and school personnel meet informally to share and clarify information pertinent to the education process. 
  • The purpose of the ARD/IEP planning meeting is to introduce information and allow families time to reflect upon and understand all information before making critical decisions.
  • Evaluation information is shared.
  • Present levels and needs may be shared.
  • Possible IEP goals or objectives may be outlined.
  • Placement options are reviewed.
  • Parents and school personnel can engage in a greater depth of conversation and exploration of options than the typical ARD/IEP meeting affords.
  • All information and options discussed at the ARD/IEP planning meeting must be re-examined at the formal ARD/IEP meeting.


Who is involved?

  • The family and the student (when appropriate)
  • Classroom teachers
  • Related service personnel, if providing services to the student


What is the timeline?
It is recommended that the ARD/IEP planning meeting take place within two weeks of the scheduled IEP meeting.





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