Examine Data and Make Recommendations for IEP goals and referrals for additional services

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What happens?

  • Members of the ARD/IEP committee (usually the classroom teacher and parent) meet to examine the data that has been collected—this is sometimes called a staffing or Pre ARD/IEP meeting.
  • If the student has made progress and mastered many of the IEP goals, recommendations for updating the PLAAFP and new goals and objectives will begin to be generated.
  • If the student has not made progress or mastered IEP goals, recommendations may be made for:
    • referral for evaluation for additional services or supports
    • varied instructional strategies or materials
    • a different placement or program
  • ARD/IEP committee members will now have an opportunity to explore these possibilities prior to any IEP meetings or conferences.


Who is involved?

  • Parents
  • Student (when appropriate)
  • Classroom teachers
  • Related service personnel, if providing services to the student
  • Others involved in the education of the student (i.e., the paraeducator)


What is the timeline?
This step in the process should begin at least four to six weeks before the IEP is due to be reviewed.  This is NOT a requirement of schools within the law. It is considered a “best practice.”





IEP Development

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