Acronyms - E through M

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An acronym is a word that is formed from the first letters of multiple words.  The use of acronyms is common in many fields, including special education.  Acronyms change often and families should feel comfortable asking for explanation of terms they are not familiar with. 

ECI – Early Childhood Intervention

ECO – Early Childhood Outcomes Center

ED – Emotional Disturbance

EDEN – Education Data Exchange Network

EIS – Early Intervening Services

ELL – English Language Learner

EIMAC – Education Information Management Advisory Consortium of CCSSO

ESC – Education Service Center

ESEA – Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESY – Extended School Year Services

EWDS – Early Warning Data System

FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education

FBA – Functional Behavioral Assessment

FERPA – Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

FIE – Full and Individual Evaluation

GED – General Educational Development Certificate

GEPRA – Government Performance & Results Act

GC – General Curriculum

HO – Hearing Officer

HHSC – Texas Health & Human Services Commission

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996

HOUSE – High, Objective, Uniform Standard of Evaluation

EWDS – Early Warning Data System

IAES – Interim Alternative Educational Setting

ICD - International Classification of Diseases

ICF - International Classification of Functionality

ID - Intellectual Disability

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004

IDEA-B – IDEA program for children with disabilities 3-21

IDEA-C – IDEA program for children with disabilities 0-2

IEE – Independent Educational Evaluation

IEP – Individualized Education Program

IFSP – Individual Family Service Plan

ITCA – Infant & Toddler Coordinators Association

JJAEP – Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program

LD – Learning Disability

LDAA – Locally Determined Alternative Assessment (obsolete)

LEA – Local Education Agency

LEP – Limited English Proficient

LPAC – Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

LRE – Least Restrictive Environment

MAC – Medicaid Administrative Claiming

MD – Multiple Disabilities

MDR – Manifestation Determination Review

MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

MSRP – Monitoring & State Improvement Planning Division

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