Glossary of Terms - G

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General Education Curriculum (Currículo de la educación general) – The body of knowledge and range of skills that all students in the state are expected to know.  In Texas the general education curriculum is the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 

General Educational Development Certificate (GED)(Certificado de Desarrollo Educacional General) – Document stating that a student has passed a specific, approved high school equivalency test, usually received in lieu of a traditional high school diploma of graduation.

Graduation (Graduación) – The successful completion of all curriculum requirements and satisfactory performance on the secondary exit-level assessment instrument; successful completion of an individualized education program (IEP) and meeting the criteria set forth in commissioner’s rules in 19 TAC §89.1070; or by no longer meeting the age eligibility requirements & completion of IEP requirements.   See the state guidance document on Graduation for more information.

Guardianship (Tutela) – A legal process that removes rights and privileges from a person aged 18 and older who is considered “incapacitated” under State law.  The process involves the court system and an attorney.  Unless parents have gained guardianship of their child with a disability (or made other legal arrangements), all rights – including signing and agreeing to the IEP – will be transferred to the student when he or she turns 18.  See also Alternatives to Guardianship.

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