Simple ARD/IEP Agenda

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INTERPRETER (if needed)


Simple ARD Placement graphic Simple ARD graphic Supplementary Aids & ServicesSimple ARD graphic Goals and ObjectivesSimple ARD Agenda Student Performance / Present LevelsSimple ARD Agenda Full Individual Evaluation / Ongoing Data Collection


1. Review Evaluation Data and Other Information


2. Determination of Eligibility


3. Transition Planning (if appropriate)


4. Review Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance


5. ARD/IEP Additional Considerations:

Some Students:

All Students


6.  Annual Goals and Objectives, as needed


7.  Accommodations or Supplementary Aids & Services

  • Related Services (Including Frequency (how often), Duration (amount of time) and Location of where services will be anticipated to be provided (Place)


8.  State and District Assessments


9. Determine other services to be provided


10.  Determine Placement


11.  Consider Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)


12.  Assurances or Effects of Removal from the General Ed. Classroom

  • Consider Opportunity to Participate
  • Consider Potential Harmful Effects


13.  ARD Committee members agreement or disagreement (Consensus/NonConsensus)