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Created by parents, for parents…..

A project of the Texas Education Agency committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents and families of students with disabilities. 

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What Matters to Family Members:

Has your child recently been diagnosed with a disability?

Do you have concerns about your child’s learning and are trying to find help?

Your child may be receiving special education services and you need to learn more.

Wherever you are in the process, we’ve been there. 

We know the maze in which you find yourself. 

This website will point the way to information you can trust and understand, and people or resources you can contact for more information and assistance.

Texas Project FIRST Families, Information, Resources, Support and Training
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Where do you start?  What Age is Your Child?

  Ages 0 to 3  Ages 3 to 5  Ages 5 to 11   Ages 11 to 15  Ages 16 to 21

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